Scowthistles & Grass - Oil on canvas

This 17" x 21" oil on canvas is my personal favourite out of all my artworks. It brings alive the whole field through multiple layering of the sky and the foreground - it has a certain 3D effect due

Phil Kendall English artist
Your photo also shows the textures, well done...interesting colours, interesting shapes...

Jeannette Harrison English artist
I like the texture in this. It is very satisfying painting with a knife. I particularly like your wildflowers and grasses. Also, the way you have given depth by scratching the background field. Very well done.

Margaret McDougall English artist
I just love the texture in this and I must try painting with a knife. I especially love the foreground

Ruthy Flet English artist

Pete Crowbaby English artist
Lovely, nice blend of color and the paint has a good 3d look to it.

Raju Kane PR Professional
I really like Scowthistle and Watermill. I am no art critic, but there is something indefinably good and nostalgic about these two paintings