My Retreat - Acrylic + Mixed media on canvas

Every person's ideal of having such a way out retreat to dream away one's life.

Dr Sunil Pandya Neuro surgeon
This is beautiful. A natural flower bed in the foreground, rolling fields behind, birds twittering above and stately trees to provide shade... even though this be not wilderness, it reminds me of that immortal verse a flask of wine, a book of verse - and thou beside me singing...

Carole Russell artist
It really works - I've tried knife work and you have to be so sure of your moves - I can understand your frustrations but the end result would grace any wall - fab job! Love the far off fields in the background!

Rosalind Grover artist
- I love this! The colours are so vibrant, I love the way in which the yellow field dips, and the sunlit field in the background rises up. Knife painting is close to my heart, I began painting like that. I cannot fault the background. Keep painting, you have a lovely feel for colour and texture.

Manoj Pant Technocrat
Awesome again. Only the green/tree behind the hut tends to overpower. Doesn’t take away from the very good work. Keep it up