art4all began in February 2002. Its first project was publishing “From the Blues” a book of poems by Niyati Mehta. It was the young poet’s first poetry publication which was successfully received. Copies are available and can be ordered from

art4all aims at bringing art and art related subjects at affordable prices especially at a time when the art market is booming and galleries only want to sell works of top notch artists. There are many artists who need support and a larger audience and art4all aims to fill this niche.

Sunil S Mehta, traveller, writer and marketing & advertising professional for over 35 years, created yet another avatar for himself by turning into an artist who paints European landscapes in oil, acrylics and watercolours with the occasional abstract. In each exhibition, he has associated with budding young artists so that they get an opportunity to showcase their works and use his professional marketing knowledge to their advantage.

The socially conscious art group has always given a percentage of their sales from each exhibition to a NGO dealing with children, destitute women or animals. See “Exhibitions” page for details. His paintings feature here.  

art4all’s objective is to promote art through sale of print material like posters / postcards / greeting cards etc featuring works of art as well as visually interesting photographs. This website features photographs taken by him during his travels as well as esoteric subjects which aroused his interest. 

Art should be enjoyed - when one sees paintings at a gallery or at a friend's house; when one buys art for love of the painting or as an investment; or when one paints the work. At each stage, essentially he believes one should ‘be happy’. Sunil’s signature is a Mandarin chop. The two left side vertical symbols are his name. The right side symbols are the words ‘Be happy'. 

art4all is grateful to for granting permission to the artist to use comments which appear on his paintings.

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