General comments

Jayesh Ravindranath Business mentor & consultant
Sunil, fabulous oeuvre. Great body of work across mediums and subjects!

Bharat Damani Freelance content writer, VO artist.
Awesome! Loved the diverse assortment of subjects and mediums. The landscape hues were warm and soothing, specially "Stairway to Heaven"...... would make Led Zeppelin proud!!

Ashoke Chatterjee Educator
Wonderful to see such an outpouring of artistic expressions. The variety of techniques and themes is quite amazing. I hope we will have a chance to see your latest work soon. Prabhat remembers your exhibition with gratitude.

Cyrus Vevaina Stock consultant
Extraordinary and captivating. Lovely collection and kudos to your talent.

Suresh Mehta Retired
A beautiful collection. Your talent is matched by your charity - both of which are excellent qualities. I wish you greater success in future.

Sheetal Shah Interior Designer
Unstoppable passion. Amazing work.

Sonali Shah Housewife
Sunilbhai amazing work !!!! Was not aware of your hidden talents Painting n photography Wish you good luck n follow your passion .!!!!

Ismail Vahed Accountant
I was so happy to witness your art skills. Interesting, lovely joyous, great work. May God bless you.

Niyati Mehta Passion for the Arts
I have more than one fav :) Hope it continues to bring you joy.

Neesha Jhaveri Designer - Mumbai
Come a long way from JJ days and see you've picked up the palate with astounding astuteness - loved Summer landscape. And Scowthistle tops the chart - makes me feel ..... the painting !!

Kaushik Roy Advertising professional - Mumbai
I am so happy to see your portfolio. Great stuff. Please don't stop. And bless you for passing the benefits to charity.

Shaill Jhaveri Jewellery designer - USA
my fav. (and by a mile) was Clapton Mill in winter.......beautifully done.

Mamta Mehta Marketing Professional - USA
- loved your paintings...are they are on sale? I especially liked Hampshire Village Church and Southington Mill.

Sunil Pandya Neuro Surgeon
- 'I really like your apples, like you say you could just pick one up and eat it...' You have an excellent series. I enjoyed all the paintings. … Tuscan monastery, Beached boat and Clapton Mill in Winter would win the first three prizes to my way of reckoning.

Carole Massey English artist
Your paintings look lovely. I particularly liked the Scowthistles and the French Farm.

Susan Gray English artist
I enjoyed looking at your paintings, which I feel are very good.

Geoffrey Moorhouse English author and Traveller
I think your paintings are lovely, you dark old horse of an artist. But why do they all (with one arterial exception) picture places etc in England/Europe?

Karan Grover Architect
Great work. I loved Scowthistles + Grass; After the Master; Apples; Jug and Lemons; French Farmhouses; Evening Light and Flowering Pool in that order. Great once again.

Brenda Bell Picayune Times, American Journalist
I thought all your pieces were good but I'll have to admit my favorite was Clapton Mill in Winter. I had seen the Scowthistles in the card sent to me and just loved it. Your paintings are absolutely beautiful. I love Bluebells to begin with and I really like the way you did the light on the trees and the path. It's a soothing picture to look at and I have put it on my desktop as I find it very calming and peaceful. It was the perfect gift for today. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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